Sometimes we are left helpless with the same lash problem. But don’t worry, here are the explanations for the 4 most common lash issues and how to troubleshoot. 

Terrible Retention

Likely culprit: Oil (natural or from products)

Oils weaken the bond of your extension to the natural lash. So the amount of oil that sits on your lashes can greatly affect your retention. Keep in mind that we all produce different amounts of oil so you can’t always compare your retention to others. However, with proper cleansing, you can minimize the contact of oil with the bond.

Closed Fans

 Likely culprit: Dirty lashes, build up of oil, old make up, eye booggies = nasties

As I mentioned a few times, your lashes are meant to trap nasties. That’s okay though, it’s just doing its job. However build up of nasties not only affects your retention and is unhygienic, it also makes your fans close up. Closed fans look ugly and chunky. We always want fluff and texture don’t we? Once again, the solution to this is proper cleansing everyday.

Fried Tips or Relaxing of Curl

 Likely culprit: Heat. Heat from your lighter, from the oven, your straightener/blowdyer, or even extremely hot showers.

Your lashes are made of synthetic material, which for the most part is PBT a.k.a. plastic. Just think of how plastic behaves in or around extreme heat. Then think about how fine and delicate your lashes are. Thinner material = more sensitive to heat. Makes sense right? No need to sacrifice your hot showers or your hair routine, just be careful.

Lashes Drooping Down or Twisting Sideways

Likely culprit: Extensions that are too heavy

This can happen in 2 ways. The first one is having lashes that are too long/heavy applied to your natural lashes. As with most things that are too heavy, anything that is supporting this object will droop or flop down. Pretty basic right? Now, there is a bigger problem associated with this symptom. Having lashes that are too heavy causes your lashes to pull or even prematurely fall off which in the long term could lead to thinning. Yuck! Solution to this is simple. Find a lash tech that is knowledgeable and practices safe weight ratios to apply your extensions.

The second way this happens is that your lashes are too grown out. While originally your natural lashes were able to support the weight of your extension, the further away it gets from the base, the harder it is for your natural lashes to support. They are extremely annoying and can sometimes irritate your eyes. Seeing your lash tech around the 3 week mark helps with this problem as grow out extensions are normally taken off and replaced with a new fan closer the the base.

I hope this helps! If you have any questions or comments please feel free to reach out.