Do you ever wonder how some lashes look flawless after 3 plus weeks while others looks gappy with closed chunky fans? Believe it or not, this has a lot to do with how you take care of lashes. Before I begin, let’s assume that you already know the basics: Wash daily, brush daily, avoid oils etc. Easy right? Right. However, this is too simplified. It is difficult to appreciate these after-care steps without getting a full explanation of why they are so important. So if you’re up for it, buckle down and read below.  I promise you this is your ultimate guide to beautiful, long-lasting lashes. Once you learn, you can’t unlearn the magical wisdom.

# 1  Most important tip: Wash your lashes. I don’t mean splash water on it. Get in there, use an oil-free foaming wash with a clean eyeshadow brush. I recommend doing this after you’ve already washed your face. Why? Because when you wash the make up off your face, the makeup, dirt and debris sometimes travels and gets trapped in your lashes. Did you know that the biological function of your lashes are to trap dust, sweat and debris to protect your eyes. It’s sort of like an eye sheild or eye umbrella. Cool right? Take a moment and let this sink in. I promise it’s important.

Now that we’ve established your lashes’ function other than making you look bomb and ‘awake’, let’s move on to learning how to PROPERLY AND EFFECTIVELY them. I find that most girls don’t know how to clean their lashes, nor are they motivated to do so because they are too scared that it may make them fall out faster. The good news is, I’m here for you, I’ll walk you through long-lasting, flawless lashes.


Foaming lash shampoo

Lash cleansing brush or a clean eyeshadow brush.

Step 1: Pump foaming shampoo and apply on lid and lashes. You can do this one eye at a time.

Step 2: Take brush and swipe downward towards your cheeks. It’s important to swipe downwards in sections until you cover the whole eye. Brushing sideways may make your lashes twist and potentially pull on them.

Step 3: Rinse by making a water scoop out of you hands and tilt your chin towards your neck so that you can hover your eye over you hand. Repeat a few times until the shampoo is completely off.

Step 4: Repeat steps on opposite eye

Step 5: Use a paper towel to gently dab your eyes. This will soak the excess water in the eye area, then let it air dry.

Step 6: Bush + Fluff when dry. Keyword here is ‘when dry’.

That’s it! Simple right? If you have any further questions feel free to reach out.